GreenRadar_LogoReliable Protection Against Cyber Threats Via Emails

Green Radar technology platform serves set-it-and-forget-it Email protection that extends your in-house IT support team. You can focus on your business with no worries.


grMail Standard

grMail Standard enables organizations to detect advanced targeted attacks and convert threat information into immediate action and protection. grMail Standard combines in-depth static analysis, dynamic analysis(malware sandboxing), and machine learning to increase zero-day threat detection, including threats that use evasion techniques.

grMail Enterprise

To further protect email users from phishing attack, grMail enterprise adds an extra layer to isolate the email web link execution in our separated platform, eliminating the phishing sites from delivering malware or stealing private information from your endpoint device. grMail Enterprise seamless integrated with your existing email application such as Exchange, Office365 and Gmail.

gr Comparison Chart


grAnalytics acts as a security expert which responds to the threat detected by grMail and grEndpoint.


Both services will be included when you purchase this solution and you can be assured that all your received emails will be protected, tightly, thus protecting your businesses from attacks that in turn will cost businesses monetary lost when you are breached.