EndianNetwork Security – Endian UTM
The number of Internet-connected devices is growing at an incredible rate endian UTM every day in both the business and consumer markets. Endian understands that each of these appliances becomes exposed to millions of potential threats the minute it’s connected.Our solution set is unique in that it can provide a comprehensive security layer combined with a unique level of simplicity within the IoT industry. This can offer a tremendous value to businesses in terms of protecting their employees and users as well as enabling the creation of new service and support platforms that can save costs and drive revenue.
Protect your business network from viruses, malware and other threats using the simplest UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform in the industry. The Endian UTM appliance provides total network security including web and email filtering, VPN, intrusion prevention, bandwidth management and much more.
Choose Endian UTM if you need:
  • All-In-One UTM hardware, software or virtual appliances
  • Reduce network management time and costs with our simple web interface
  • Central management platform to monitor and access all of your UTM devices

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