BioXten OneApp Cloud Solution – Secured workplace for your business.

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication and more from home and in your business.

BioXten OneApp Cloud Solution is the next generation of hosted, enterprise-ready file access and communication platform designed for SMEs. Users will be able to access and sync files, contacts, calendars, communicate and collaborate across different devices. You decide what happens with your data and who can access it! BioXten OneApp Cloud Solution puts you back in control.

OneApp Login Screen
Sample screenshot of OneApp

Easy access
Users can access to their documents and will be able to share them with others within and outside their organization with ease via web interface. Our platform features applications like calendars, contacts, mail, photo gallery including a few more other capabilities. Most importantly, our platform comes with features like online office and private or public audio/video conferencing.

Seamless integration
BioXten OneApp Cloud Solution easily integrates into existing infrastructure with LDAP, SAML or Kerberos if is hosted on-prem. Its universal file access feature makes data available to users irrespective of where it is stored, be it on a local NAS*, a remote FTP*, Samba*, NFS* or object storage like S3*.

First class security
Besides easy access and seamless integration, we like to put IT team in control. Our platform comes with powerful file access control capabilities, therefore ensuring company policies are enforced. Use of Encryption*, two-factor authentication*, session management and brute force protection enable an extra layer of protection for your data. With our platform, data that is meant to be private and will stay private!

* Addon feature, please check with our sales team for pricing.

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