Perimeter Protection

Network Perimeter Protection

The number of Internet-connected devices is growing at an incredible rate every day and thus allowing more compromised system to exist in your network. We understand that each of these appliances or devices becomes exposed to millions of potential threats the minute it’s connected. Our solution set is unique in that it can provide a comprehensive security layer combined with a unique level of simplicity within the IoT industry. This can offer a tremendous value to businesses in terms of protecting their employees and users as well as enabling the creation of new service and support platforms that can save costs and drive revenue.

Protect your business network from viruses, malware and other threats using the simplest UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform in the industry. Our solution provides total network security including web and email filtering, VPN, intrusion prevention, bandwidth management and much more.

Physical Perimeter Protection

Physical perimeter protection plays a crucial role in any physical security system, whether protecting critical infrastructure, high-risk sites, commercial residential sites, retail spaces, or any other urban or remote location.

Over the past decade, advances in technology and hardware have vastly improved these perimeter security systems with developments in facial and fingerprint identification, thermal network cameras, radar detection system, alarm sensors, and now even drones that accomplish unprecedented security tasks.

More recently, the development of advanced algorithms has helped to reduce false alarms that many of these devices trigger automatically. But consistent, reliable verification between true and false alarms was still lacking.

Now BioXten Systems LLP offers diversified perimeter protection solutions which boast highly-effective false alarm reduction. Solutions range from physical access control, deep learning algorithm-based video products, to thermometric cameras, alarm systems, and radar products.