New BioXten LogoIncorporated in March 2001 as an IT solutions company to help build and secure our client’s computing assets. BioXten Systems LLP (Previously known as BioXten Systems Pte Ltd) has grown since and we are now a full-fledged Managed Services Provider (MSP) with our own data-center solutions via our data-center in Singapore and Batam, providing both on-premise and cloud solution.

As a leading MSP, our solutions strive to reduce your business IT operating costs through better methodologies, products and certifying our engineers in our solutions. Our dedicated team of engineers has received training and certifications from leaders in the security, enterprise mobile management (EMM) and infrastructure technology companies. Companies such as Blackberry, CrossMatch, DigitalPersona, endian, Infrascale, Microsoft, Nutanix and Samsung Knox.

Our team consists of EMM, Infrastructure and Cyber-Security solution professionals with years of industry knowledge and experiences, thus providing a leading edge to SMEs IT needs.

Our core values:-

– Building our strengths through knowledge upgrades, customer loyalties, and product innovations.
– Creating teamwork through open communications with our employees and customers.
– Making sure our customers are provided with a personalized solution for every need.

Perfect Solution for Every Enterprise