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Category: Phishing / Scams

Example of a DHL Phishing web link

Received an email placing a notice to pay for DHL services via a web link. Upon clicking the link, the site presented a genuine looking website. Hang on. Check out the URL address! Moreover, DHL will never ask for your credit card numbers without you first logging into their payment system!

Detecting Phishing Email

How do I know if my received email is a phishing message? The rate of phishing is on the rise and these phishers are getting more and more creative. Users are been lead to believe these mails are genuine thus unknowingly clicked on the button providing these phishers with access to your bank accounts, VISA…
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Phishing Scams

With the current ongoing phishing scams via SMS or email, do take care that you do not click on any links in SMS messages from “known” banks or government ministries. We partnered with GreenRadar to provide grMail™ on our hosting platform, a next generation cloud-based email security platform with artificial intelligence capability, to discover any…
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